Exercise for chest at home

You may be familiar with some of the very best exercises for your chest which can also help to build strength and endurance, such as pushups. They work more than just the chest muscles and include back and shoulder strengthening as well. This is important, because any exercise you do that gives added benefits are best.

These exercises do not require expensive and bulky equipment. In fact, there are several exercise tools that can easily be taken anywhere you go, which is handy when you travel. The stability ball, dumb bells and resistance bands can be carried in your backpack so you can exercise anywhere.

Best Chest Exercises for Increasing Strength and Endurance

The following are the best exercises for your chest:

Push Ups

The standard pushup is unisexual, as both men and women have been doing them for many years to improve upper body strength and tone various muscles. You might not realize, however, that pushups are excellent core exercises that can be modified for your particular needs. They also help to strengthen your shoulders and back which can save you from injury.

Stability Balls

To maximize this workout and make it more challenging, you can use a stability ball to aid you in doing pushups. The handy devices can be used for strengthening other muscle sets as well, such as the abdomen, which makes them suitable for many different workouts.

Resistance Bands

These are strong stretch cables that you can use anywhere for a good workout. They are especially good for chest exercises because they can be used in various ways to focus on different muscle groups in the chest region.

Hold one end in each hand at shoulder height with your elbows level with your shoulders. Stretch the bands by pulling your elbows back. Attach them to your hotel door for added resistance. This will work your triceps as well.


If you want to begin serious body building, dumbbells are ideal as they come in various weights so you can gradually increase the level of resistance as your strength improves. Besides being one of the best chest exercises, dumbbells work the back, arm, shoulder and back muscles as well. They also can be used for simply toning your muscles.

One exercise that gets good results and is one of the most popular requires a proper weight bench. Lie on your back and lower the barbell from the rack down to your chest, then raise it back up. Because this exercise leaves you vulnerable to severe injury, it’s best done with a spotter who can help you should you run into difficulty. By inclining and declining the bench, you can alternate the level of difficulty that this exercise provides.

The choice of exercise depends on your goals and your personal preference, but most people prefer the variety of using a combination of these exercises. Just remember that it’s not necessary to have expensive equipment to perform these exercises. It’s also important to maintain variety in your workouts.

Switching the apparatus and the type of exercise will make them more interesting while providing varying degrees of effectiveness. As with any other fitness program, the one element that persists is persistence and consistency.