Military Press Muscles Worked

Military Press Muscles Worked: The military press is one of the most important exercises in existence. It ranks third behind squats and bench press. You could also make a case for dead lifts being on that list. It might surprise you that military press makes this list since it “only” works out the Altoids, but when it’s done correctly, it actually works out the entire shoulder area and more.

When done correctly, the military press works out the shoulders, back, arms and even the upper chest. It’s imperative that use free weights, as in a barbell or dumbbells, when performing the military press. This will allow you to recruit smaller muscle groups, which will then allow you to build up the entire area.

It will also lead to better balance, which can be a huge benefit when it comes to sports. If you have an injury that you don’t want to mess with, then it’s okay to start with a machine. You know free weights are the way to go, but now you have to choose between a barbell and dumbbells. Don’t worry; this is an easy decision.

If you’re working out alone, then you have to go with dumbbells. This will allow you to toss the weights if you get into trouble. If you’re working out with a partner, then you will have a spotter available, which means its okay to use a barbell. However, you can still use dumbbells if you want. The best approach would be to do both by switching them up each time you do shoulders.

If you’re using a barbell, then the first step will be to grab the bar evenly on both sides at shoulder-width apart. Lift the bar over your head and bring it back down below your chin. Be sure to do all of this slowly. Always inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up.

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Keep your feet planted and your back against the padding. This will ensure proper form, which will lead to the best results and help prevent injuries.

When you’re done with your set, make sure your spotter assists you. If you’re using dumbbells, then you can do the military press when and where you please. Simply sit in a chair, grab the dumbbells from a rack or the floor, lift the dumbbells so your arms make a right angle beside your shoulders, and lift the dumbbells above your head almost too full extension.

Be sure to breathe correctly. If you ever feel a twinge in either of your shoulders, drop the dumbbells immediately. If you push it, you will regret it. When you feel those twinges, your body is talking to you. Heed the warning so you’re not on the shelf for several weeks.

The military press can help you improve your performance with all other upper body exercises. If you happen to play baseball and you desire a strong arm, then it can also help in that regard.

Some people think long toss is the only way to improve arm strength. The military press is just as effective, as long as you allow your muscles time to rest.

If you want to improve your strength, balance, and the way you look, then be sure to add the military press to your workout regimen.