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Top 5 Ab Exercises for Beginners

Ab Exercises for Beginners

The abdominal muscles are some of the most important muscles in the body when it comes to posture and strength. Poor ab strength can lead to severe back problems, and can affect your ability to stand and sit for long periods of time.

Not to mention how a nice 6 pack boosts your self confidence and makes you look great no matter what you wear! Not all ab exercises will help you achieve the results you want. The best ab exercises will assist you in toning this problem area and making you look leaner without straining your muscles.

Stability Ball Exercises

One of the best ab exercises is the stability ball. Just to maintain balance on a stability ball the abdominals have to be engaged, this alone will increase muscle strength. In addition stability balls can modify traditional ab exercises.

Stomach crunches, sit ups and curls can all be done using a stability ball to make each move more intense and provide more effective results.

Floor Exercises

Some of the best ab exercises are still the old school ab exercises that put you down on the floor. Doing ab exercises this way requires the most effort and puts more physical strain on the body, so fewer repetitions are needed.

Traditional mat exercises should always be done on a padded mat to reduce the chances of injuring the back and to provide a comfortable stable surface.

Core Exercises

Core exercise such as Pilates, yoga and tai chi focus on building up and strengthening the muscles that support the spine. Since these muscles include the back and stomach muscles, core exercises are one of the best ab exercises around.

All three exercises focus on deep breathing techniques, and slowly working through a range of movements. The precision used in core exercises naturally target the stomach muscles without putting stress or strain on the entire body. With regular use core exercises can provide a flatter more toned stomach.

Ab Equipment

If you have trouble staying interested when doing ab exercises maybe purchasing one of the best ab exercise machines could invigorate your workout and keep you focused on meeting your goals. Most gyms carry top of the line exercise equipment that specifically targets the abs.

If you want to use ab exercise equipment at home plenty of products are available for purchase. Search online and consult with fitness professionals to get the best recommendations and ensure that you don’t waste your money.

Weight Training

Free weights are one of the best ab exercises because of its ability to increase muscle size, strength, balance and endurance. Curls are a popular exercise to complete using free weights. Injuries with free weights are common as they can slip from the hand.

To reduce your risk of injury try using water weights instead of heavy dumbbells and keep a firm grip on your weight at all times, and have a towel near by to keep your palms from getting to sweaty. It’s important that you use the right size weights for your fitness level. Using larger weights won’t make you use weight any faster it will just make an injury that much more possible.

Whatever abdominal exercises you use it’s important to follow certain guidelines. Vary up your abdominal routine, and try several different best ab exercises each time you work out to ensure the exercise is effective.

Start out each move with only five to fifteen repetitions and gradually increase as each move becomes easier. Only use specific ab exercise two to three times a week and remember to include aerobic exercises to achieve the best results

Beginner full body Workout for Men

Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners

When you decide to hit the gym and begin your bodybuilding training program, chances are you are pumped. Your mind is thinking about what your goals are and you go in there ready to lift and build those muscles.

In this state of excitement and drive of purpose, you may forget some key points to bodybuilding. These key points are crucial to your success. Bodybuilding is so much more then picking up some dumbbells.

Stretch Before and After Workouts

You look at a man with huge arms and massive legs and the last thing that crosses your mind is how he stretches. Stretching before lifting warms up your muscles.

This in turn loosens them and helps save you from pulling a muscle and injuring yourself. Stretching after a workout helps with the healing process and with blood circulation.

Include Cardio Workouts

Not everyone realizes the important role cardio workouts have in bodybuilding. You don’t get to having little body fat by simply dieting.

Lifting weights will build your muscles, but cardio training will reduce your body fat so that those muscles can be seen in detail.

Cardio training also strengthens your heart, which is itself a muscle. So by running, swimming and other cardio exercises, you are building a muscle.

The heart needs strength do be able to endure the pressure of a heavy weight lifting regimen. You will find that many bodybuilders with have different opinions on when to do your cardio.

Some people like it in the morning and lift in the evening, while others like to do a ten minute run before lifting. This all depends on your goals. No matter what, you need cardio training.

Use a Sauna After Working Out to Relieve Pain and Soreness

When you lift heavy objects repeatedly, your muscles break down. You literally destroy them. They then rebuild themselves bigger and stronger than they were. This process is very taxing on the body.

You need to begin thinking about how to help your body heal from this. The quicker you heal and rebuild, the sooner you can hit the weights again and increase the amount you are lifting.

By simply sitting in the sauna for 10-15 minutes after a training session, you help increase blood circulation and relieve pain and soreness. This lets you get back to training quickly with less soreness.

Drink Plenty of Water

For a runner or cyclist this, the need to drink a lot of water is obvious. It may not be that obvious to a new bodybuilder though. Aside from replenishing the water that your body sweats during a workout, water also helps your muscles work harder.

When you drink enough water you get the optimal amount of strength from your muscles. Without enough water, you will eventually become weak and have to take some down time before being able to train again.

The above are just a few tips to help you successfully train and meet your goals. Even though some of these things may seem like small issues, they can really slow you down and sometimes even stop you from training if not heeded.

Build your training regimen properly and remember that the details matter!