How to Gain Muscle Mass in 26 Days

what to eat to gain muscle mass

Gain Muscle Mass: People exercise for a number of reasons.  Some exercise for health while others workout to improve their physique.  Building muscle workouts are ideal if you want to have a toned body and look your best.

While muscle building will give you a fit and sexy body, it will also provide many health benefits.

Weightlifting to Gain Muscle Mass

If you want to bulk up you must include building muscle workouts in your exercise program.  Weightlifting is the best way to add muscle mass to your body.  Many experts believe that the best way to develop your muscles is by using free weights.

Although weight machines and body weight exercises can help you get bigger,  free weight exercises offer maximum muscle building results.

Building muscle workouts must be done with proper form to ensure that your muscles develop where you want them.  Using proper form when doing the exercise routines also prevents injury.

There are many different exercises targeting specific muscle groups.  You must find the correct exercises to workout each muscle group.  Building muscle workouts stimulate the muscle fibers and challenge them.

By overloading these muscles, they will be rebuilt and become bigger and stronger in the process.

Lift Heavier Weights

If you want to build bigger muscles you have to workout with heavy weights.  Overloading your muscles with heavier weights causes the muscle fibers to tear.  When the body repairs the muscles, they become stronger.

As you progress with your building muscle workout, you must increase the weights to stimulate your body to add more muscles.

Serious bodybuilders prefer free weights because they find it more challenging and more effective than weight machines.  When working out with free weights, the supporting muscle groups also get a lot of stress.  Your muscles get tired faster.

Bodybuilders find that they can lift “heavier” weights when using an exercise machine.  However, machines do not provide as much muscle gain as free weights.

For maximum muscle gain, you must lift weights that are considered “heavy”.  This means you can only do 8 to 12 repetitions before your muscles fail temporarily.  “Lighter” weights allow more than 15 reps before the muscles begin to fail.

Get Enough Sleep

Many people are surprised to find out that a building muscle workout is useless unless you get enough sleep.  Although it is not a part of your weight training program, sleep is vital if you are trying to build muscle mass.

You need at least eight hours of sleep every night.  While you sleep, your body builds proteins to repair the muscle tissues that tore during exercise.

A good night’s sleep also stimulates the release of human growth hormones that are necessary to build bigger muscles.

It’s important to get enough sleep to revitalize your body for the next building muscle workout.  Taking a quick nap during the day also helps.

Burn More Fat

A building muscle workout can also help you burn more calories and reduce body fat.  Muscles require more calories to maintain.  If you have more muscles in your body, your metabolism will increase and burn fat faster.

Your body will look leaner and better if you perform muscle-building workouts at least three times a week.

How to Get Ripped Fast in 19 Days

Get ripped fast workout plan

How to Get Ripped Fast? There are people who venture to the gym daily in pursuit of one thing the perfect body. Countless hours working through a variety of different exercises to achieve the “ripped muscle” physique.

There are only a select few that eventually make this plateau while others, even though they are physically fit, feel that their workouts have been a failure.

Let us look into a few tips on how to get ripped fast and routine changes that can help you towards the “chiselled from stone” look you want:

Never Train Alone

Motivation is essential when attempting to reach your highest of dreams. With that being said, training with someone who is working towards the same goals as you is highly recommended on your journey.

This person will be right by your side to offer the extra confidence and boost of energy you need during exercise routines and dieting to help you meet and surpass your goals.

Don’t Become Stagnant

Having the same training routine every day for the rest of your life will help you support a healthy lifestyle but will not help you in gaining a ripped toned body.

Your muscles will adapt quickly to any routine and will stop growing after a certain point. It is best to change your routine every 6 weeks to shock your muscles and continue growth

Don’t Become Stagnant on a Daily Basis

Continuing on with the tip from above, modifying your exercise routine daily is also an excellent option towards obtaining more mass.

Doing the same exercises each routine but modifying their order every 2-3 days will definitely confuse your muscles and allow for growth to occur consistently.

Warming Up

As with any exercise routine, warming up is essential to avoiding injury and getting your body ready for any routine. Rather than just warming up before the entire routine, it is best to warm up for a few moments before all exercises within your routine.

If you are preparing to lift and work on your upper body, take a minute and lift for a few reps at a lower weight so that your body becomes accustomed to the motions that are coming.

Quality over Quantity

Having the ability to do a large amount of reps for a specific exercise is an accomplishment.  It says that you are a strong person and the mass you have obtained will definitely show.

To get the ripped physique that you want, however, requires the quality of each rep be precise and the addition of weights and or resistance be added periodically to support continued growth of all muscles.

The quest for a physique chiselled from stone is a mission for a large majority of people who exercise. The tips above, along with a solid diet, should help anyone in obtaining the goals they want in a timely and healthy fashion.

Aerobic Exercise Weight Loss for Men

Aerobic Exercise Weight Loss for Men

Aerobic Exercise Weight Loss for Men: It’s a fact that men would rather lift weights than do aerobic exercises.  Many men think aerobics class is only for women.  But there’s more to aerobics than meets the eye.

Besides, there are many aerobic exercises that men would consider doing, such as running, cycling, rowing, and exercising on a stationary bike.  Even weight lifting can provide aerobic health benefits. Aerobic Exercise Weight Loss for Men offers many fitness benefits.  It builds stamina and endurance.  Aerobic exercise also strengthens the cardiovascular system.

It increases the heart rate and elevates breathing.  Many forms of aerobic exercises increase flexibility and reduces the risk of injury while working out.

Bodybuilding develops the muscles and increases strength and muscle mass.  But while strength training offers many benefits, aerobic or cardiovascular exercise has many advantages of its own.

Low intensity, long duration aerobic exercise helps burn more calories and reduces body fat.  Aerobic exercise also offers a number of health benefits such as reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Combining aerobic exercise and strength training provides amazing health and fitness benefits.

Here are some of the most popular and effective aerobic exercises for men:


Running is one of the best forms of aerobic exercise for men.  Almost anyone can run, and the only equipment you need is a good pair of running shoes.  Beginners can start by walking and gradually building endurance until they are able to run for miles.

Running helps tone the leg muscles and makes you feel energized.  If bad weather prevents you from running outdoors, you can workout on a treadmill or exercise on an elliptical trainer.


Cycling is an aerobic activity that many men enjoy.  Because it puts less mechanical stress on the joints, biking is a good aerobic exercise option for men who are more than 50 pounds overweight.

You can exercise on a stationary or regular bike.  Keep in mind, however, that the weather may limit your aerobic activity if you bike outdoors.

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Jumping Rope

A jump rope is one of the cheapest pieces of exercise equipment, yet jumping rope is one of the best aerobic exercises for men.  Try jumping rope early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Start with 50 jumps and gradually increase the number of jumps or duration as your aerobic capacity improves.

Weight Lifting

Many people do not consider weight lifting an aerobic form of exercise but it can also get your hart pumping when done the right way.

To enjoy the aerobic benefits of weightlifting, stick to lighter weights with higher number of repetitions.  The muscles of your body will work harder and you will enjoy a toned body and healthier respiratory and circulatory systems.

Aerobic Dancing

Men who love to dance can get a good aerobic exercise while enjoying themselves.  Put on your favorite dance music and boogie your way to health.

Dancing pumps up your heart and makes you breathe faster.  One hour of dancing will bring a healthy glow to your skin, burn calories, and improve your fitness level while you have fun.

Military Press Muscles Worked – How to ?

Military Press Muscles Worked

Military Press Muscles Worked: The military press is one of the most important exercises in existence. It ranks third behind squats and bench press. You could also make a case for dead lifts being on that list. It might surprise you that military press makes this list since it “only” works out the Altoids, but when it’s done correctly, it actually works out the entire shoulder area and more.

When done correctly, the military press works out the shoulders, back, arms and even the upper chest. It’s imperative that use free weights, as in a barbell or dumbbells, when performing the military press. This will allow you to recruit smaller muscle groups, which will then allow you to build up the entire area.

It will also lead to better balance, which can be a huge benefit when it comes to sports. If you have an injury that you don’t want to mess with, then it’s okay to start with a machine. You know free weights are the way to go, but now you have to choose between a barbell and dumbbells. Don’t worry; this is an easy decision.

If you’re working out alone, then you have to go with dumbbells. This will allow you to toss the weights if you get into trouble. If you’re working out with a partner, then you will have a spotter available, which means its okay to use a barbell. However, you can still use dumbbells if you want. The best approach would be to do both by switching them up each time you do shoulders.

If you’re using a barbell, then the first step will be to grab the bar evenly on both sides at shoulder-width apart. Lift the bar over your head and bring it back down below your chin. Be sure to do all of this slowly. Always inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up.

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Keep your feet planted and your back against the padding. This will ensure proper form, which will lead to the best results and help prevent injuries.

When you’re done with your set, make sure your spotter assists you. If you’re using dumbbells, then you can do the military press when and where you please. Simply sit in a chair, grab the dumbbells from a rack or the floor, lift the dumbbells so your arms make a right angle beside your shoulders, and lift the dumbbells above your head almost too full extension.

Be sure to breathe correctly. If you ever feel a twinge in either of your shoulders, drop the dumbbells immediately. If you push it, you will regret it. When you feel those twinges, your body is talking to you. Heed the warning so you’re not on the shelf for several weeks.

The military press can help you improve your performance with all other upper body exercises. If you happen to play baseball and you desire a strong arm, then it can also help in that regard.

Some people think long toss is the only way to improve arm strength. The military press is just as effective, as long as you allow your muscles time to rest.

If you want to improve your strength, balance, and the way you look, then be sure to add the military press to your workout regimen.

How to Perform Upright row dumbbell

Upright row dumbbell

Upright row dumbbell are great exercises for bodybuilders. This type of exercise helps to build the muscles in the shoulders, making lifting and bench pressing much easier over time.

In order to get the most from your workout and avoid injury, follow the proper steps to complete upright rows in your exercise routine.

This exercise requires the use of a set of dumbbells or a barbell. You can choose from either option, starting at a low weight and building on weight and reps as the exercise gets easier.

1.) Correct Position

The most important step when starting this exercise is to be in the proper position from the beginning. You should have your hips pulled up and your feet spaced at a comfortable standing position.

Throughout the exercise, your hips should maintain a stationary position to prevent your back from arching. If you let your back arch, lower back pain or injury could occur.

Once you are in the proper standing position, grasp the weights in each hand (or the single barbell) and rest the hands down by your sides with elbows fully extended.

2.) Lifting the Weight

To perform upright rows, lift the weights slowly. This movement should allow the elbows to move out to the sides of your body.

Lift the weights until they are even to the height of your chin, pause for a moment, and then begin to lower the weights back down to the starting position.

It is important for you to remember to never make a jerking motion with the weight. This type of motion puts undue stress on the shoulder girdle and can lead to serious injury.

3.) Weight and Reps

At the beginning, you should start with eight or ten reps completed in two or three sets during a single workout. Remember to rest for at least two minutes between each set.

If this becomes too easy, add more reps and more sets to your workout on a gradual basis. The weight held during this exercise does not need to be increased, but can be if you want a more complex workout.

Never lift more than you can handle to avoid straining your muscles.

Tips to Avoid Injuries

  • There are a few common injuries associated with this exercise. Besides the strain that you can put on your back from arching too far, you can also risk throwing out your shoulder.
  • To avoid all injury risks, maintain proper posture throughout the exercise, and make sure the height you stop at is just at the shoulder line, no higher or lower.
  • You should also be cautious not to drop the weight back down quickly after each lift. All movements should be controlled and follow a pattern.
  • As part of a routine total body workout, upright rows can help you strengthen the shoulder muscles needed for weight lifting. As long as you perform the exercise correctly, you will be able to see the benefits after just a few workouts.

Ab Workouts for Men at Home – Understanding Ab Exercises

Ab Workouts for Men at Home

Ab Workouts for Men at Home: It doesn’t matter what your level of physical fitness is chances are you need assistance with creating a flat toned stomach. Far beyond creating an aesthetic appeal having a strong toned stomach carries many health benefits.

The stomach muscles are part of the core muscles in the body, strengthening your stomach muscles assists with maintaining correct postures, and can prevent back pain and injury.

To be effective stomach exercises needed to be performed consistently, at least three times a week for beginners. Many people don’t take the time to focus on stomach exercises because they find the repetition of doing traditional stomach exercises boring.

In addition traditional stomach exercises when done incorrectly can cause back pain and tension throughout the body.

Thankfully traditional stomach crunches and sit ups are no longer the only options for those looking to tone and shape their stomach. Stomach exercises can be incorporated into many popular exercise programs, including aerobic training, strength training, exercise balls, workout DVD’s and even exercise equipment that targets the stomach muscles.

Flexibility and stretching exercises such as tai chi, yoga and Pilates are also effective stomach exercises because they are designed around strengthening the core muscles of the body which includes the stomach muscles.

If you are looking to lose weight stomach exercises will not be much help. Weight loss can not be achieved by focusing on specific areas of the body instead weight lifting and total body aerobic exercises are needed to burn fat. Stomach exercises are still needed in order to strengthen the muscles and tendons of the stomach.

If looking to lose body fat it’s important to ensure you have proper nutrition or all the stomach exercises in the world will have no effect. To lose weight you have to burn more calories than you consume. Increase your consumption of fresh vegetables, drink plenty of water and decrease your intake of caffeine and sugar.

Eat breakfast every day to ensure your body has the right amount of nutrients to start each day off properly, and try to consume six small meals a day instead of three large meals.

It’s a good idea to consult with a fitness instructor to assist you in getting the results you want. The muscles of the abdomen are not just one muscle instead they consist of several groups of muscles. Muscles of the abdomen include the upper and lower abdominals and the obliques (or love handles).

If you are trying to specifically target certain areas of the abdomen then different exercises will be needed to get the best results.

Stomach exercises vary in their degree of difficulty. For overweight or obese persons it is particularly important to learn the correct technique to do an exercise to reduce the risk of causing further injuries. If you have a lot of weight to lose hiring a one on one personal trainer may be the best option to ensure you actually lose weight.

Even for people in relatively good physical condition stomach exercises can be difficult to do correctly when first starting out.

Stomach exercises can also be done using exercise equipment. Many products for at home use are available at great prices. Before purchasing any equipment for stomach exercises do your homework. Is the product stable and safe to use? Consider the manufacture; do they make products that you have used in the past? Is there a money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product?

Research the product online and read customer reviews and ratings. If the item requires home assembly make sure you read all instructions and use correct body alignment.