How to Get Ripped Fast in 19 Days

Get ripped fast workout plan

How to Get Ripped Fast? There are people who venture to the gym daily in pursuit of one thing the perfect body. Countless hours working through a variety of different exercises to achieve the “ripped muscle” physique.

There are only a select few that eventually make this plateau while others, even though they are physically fit, feel that their workouts have been a failure.

Let us look into a few tips on how to get ripped fast and routine changes that can help you towards the “chiselled from stone” look you want:

Never Train Alone

Motivation is essential when attempting to reach your highest of dreams. With that being said, training with someone who is working towards the same goals as you is highly recommended on your journey.

This person will be right by your side to offer the extra confidence and boost of energy you need during exercise routines and dieting to help you meet and surpass your goals.

Don’t Become Stagnant

Having the same training routine every day for the rest of your life will help you support a healthy lifestyle but will not help you in gaining a ripped toned body.

Your muscles will adapt quickly to any routine and will stop growing after a certain point. It is best to change your routine every 6 weeks to shock your muscles and continue growth

Don’t Become Stagnant on a Daily Basis

Continuing on with the tip from above, modifying your exercise routine daily is also an excellent option towards obtaining more mass.

Doing the same exercises each routine but modifying their order every 2-3 days will definitely confuse your muscles and allow for growth to occur consistently.

Warming Up

As with any exercise routine, warming up is essential to avoiding injury and getting your body ready for any routine. Rather than just warming up before the entire routine, it is best to warm up for a few moments before all exercises within your routine.

If you are preparing to lift and work on your upper body, take a minute and lift for a few reps at a lower weight so that your body becomes accustomed to the motions that are coming.

Quality over Quantity

Having the ability to do a large amount of reps for a specific exercise is an accomplishment.  It says that you are a strong person and the mass you have obtained will definitely show.

To get the ripped physique that you want, however, requires the quality of each rep be precise and the addition of weights and or resistance be added periodically to support continued growth of all muscles.

The quest for a physique chiselled from stone is a mission for a large majority of people who exercise. The tips above, along with a solid diet, should help anyone in obtaining the goals they want in a timely and healthy fashion.

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