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The Most Effective Leg Exercises for Men

Effective Leg Exercises

Effective Leg Exercises for Men: The majority of men who are into bodybuilding focus on working out their upper body.  They have huge biceps, massive chests, and well-defined abs.

But these muscular bodies may be supported by a pair of thin legs.  If you don’t want this to happen to you, start doing leg exercises for men.

Men often follow a workout routine that focuses on the upper muscles such as the shoulders, chest, arms, back, and abs.  For most men, leg exercises are often only an afterthought.

The result is a well-built upper body and an under-developed lower body.  A disproportionate appearance like this won’t win any trophies.  You may be able to get away with thin legs while wearing pants, but think how you will look at the beach.

Hence, your bodybuilding program should include the following best leg exercises for men:


The squat is probably the best leg exercise for men.  You can do this exercise at home or at the gym.  To perform this exercise, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.  Keep your hands at your sides.  Slowly lower your body as if sitting on a chair.

When your thighs are parallel to the floor, hold the position for a few seconds.  Return to the original starting position.  When doing this exercise, keep your feet flat on the floor facing forward.  Do 3 sets of 15 squats per set.

The barbell squat is a more challenging variation of the squat.  The movement is the same as the basic squat but uses a barbell for resistance.

Place the desired amount of weight on the barbell and do the exercise with the barbell resting on your shoulders and upper back.


Lunges work the quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes.  To perform this leg exercise for men, start by standing straight with your hands that your sides.  Take a large step in front of you with your right leg and then raise your left heel.

Keep your chin up and your back straight while doing this exercise.  Gradually lower your body down until your left knee is just above the ground.  Hold this position for a few seconds.

Return to the original starting position.  Repeat.  Perform 3 sets of 15 lunges for each leg.

Heel Raises

This leg exercise for men strengthens and develops the calves.  Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.  Raise your heels so you are standing on tiptoe.

Hold the position for a about 5 to 10 seconds. Lower your heels and repeat slowly.  For a more challenging leg exercise, you can also do barbell calf raises.

Standing One-Leg Hamstring Curls

This exercise uses the hamstring machine and strengthens and develops your hamstrings.  First, select the amount of weight you want to lift.  Position the back of your ankles against the leg pads and hold the machine’s handles to maintain your balance.

Bend your left leg at the knee, raising your foot until the heel points toward the ceiling.  Hold the position for 2 seconds, then straighten your leg.

Perform the desired number of repetitions for your left leg, then switch to your right leg to finish the set.

Total Body Workout Exercises for Men

Body Workout Exercises for Men

Physical fitness in men can be easily achieved with a total body workout.  Full body workout exercises for men target all the major muscle groups and result in a balanced physique and overall health.

Exercise routines for the whole body have the added benefit of burning more fat compared to exercises that focus on one area of the body only.

When done correctly, total body workout exercises can increase strength and endurance significantly.  By incorporating a combination of exercises, you can exercise the muscles in the arms, back, chest, shoulders, legs and abdomen.

Total Body Workout with Free Weights

You can get the fastest results when working out with free weights, but you may need a professional trainer especially if you are new to weight lifting.  Free weights are very effective because they allow you to isolate the muscle that you want to exercise.

By performing a variety of workout exercises for men, you can ensure a total body workout.  Vary the lift angle to target different muscles within a muscle group.  Some of the workout exercises you can do include push-ups, deadlifts, squats, crunches and lunges.

Circuit Training with Fitness Machines

Commercial gyms offer circuit training workout exercises for men.  A circuit training program aims to work each muscle group on a machine designed for that particular group.

Move from one machine to the next in the circuit to exercise the next muscle group.  You can get quick results by working out with fitness machines.


You may be surprised to know that swimming is also a good total body workout exercise for men.  Swimming provides a low-impact exercise that works out the whole body, including the arms, shoulders, legs, and abs.

Although it is a gentle type of workout, swimming burns a lot of calories.  You can swim on your days off from the gym.

Benefits of a Full Body Workout

Full body workout exercises for men have many benefits.  By exercising many different muscle groups at one time, you will be spending less time in the gym.

This allows you to have better recovery time.  A total body workout also reduces the risk of over training.

Another benefit of workout exercises for the whole body is that you will reduce the risk of muscle imbalance.  The muscles of your body will develop in perfect symmetry.

A total body workout also leads to better coordination.  Workout exercises for the whole body can also be designed to include a cardiovascular workout.

Practice Correct Form

When doing workout exercises for men, make sure you perform each movement using correct form and technique.  Doing the exercise routine correctly ensures that the targeted muscle is worked out.  It will also reduce the risk of injury.

Find Time to Recover

You will be able to enjoy the full benefits of your workout exercises only if you give your body enough time to rest and recover.  Strenuous workout exercises for men such as weightlifting causes the muscles to tear.

Repairing and building bigger muscles take place while you sleep.  If you want to be fit and strong, you must find the time to rest as well as exercise.