Aerobic Exercise Weight Loss for Men

Aerobic Exercise Weight Loss for Men

Aerobic Exercise Weight Loss for Men: It’s a fact that men would rather lift weights than do aerobic exercises.  Many men think aerobics class is only for women.  But there’s more to aerobics than meets the eye.

Besides, there are many aerobic exercises that men would consider doing, such as running, cycling, rowing, and exercising on a stationary bike.  Even weight lifting can provide aerobic health benefits. Aerobic Exercise Weight Loss for Men offers many fitness benefits.  It builds stamina and endurance.  Aerobic exercise also strengthens the cardiovascular system.

It increases the heart rate and elevates breathing.  Many forms of aerobic exercises increase flexibility and reduces the risk of injury while working out.

Bodybuilding develops the muscles and increases strength and muscle mass.  But while strength training offers many benefits, aerobic or cardiovascular exercise has many advantages of its own.

Low intensity, long duration aerobic exercise helps burn more calories and reduces body fat.  Aerobic exercise also offers a number of health benefits such as reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Combining aerobic exercise and strength training provides amazing health and fitness benefits.

Here are some of the most popular and effective aerobic exercises for men:


Running is one of the best forms of aerobic exercise for men.  Almost anyone can run, and the only equipment you need is a good pair of running shoes.  Beginners can start by walking and gradually building endurance until they are able to run for miles.

Running helps tone the leg muscles and makes you feel energized.  If bad weather prevents you from running outdoors, you can workout on a treadmill or exercise on an elliptical trainer.


Cycling is an aerobic activity that many men enjoy.  Because it puts less mechanical stress on the joints, biking is a good aerobic exercise option for men who are more than 50 pounds overweight.

You can exercise on a stationary or regular bike.  Keep in mind, however, that the weather may limit your aerobic activity if you bike outdoors.

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Jumping Rope

A jump rope is one of the cheapest pieces of exercise equipment, yet jumping rope is one of the best aerobic exercises for men.  Try jumping rope early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Start with 50 jumps and gradually increase the number of jumps or duration as your aerobic capacity improves.

Weight Lifting

Many people do not consider weight lifting an aerobic form of exercise but it can also get your hart pumping when done the right way.

To enjoy the aerobic benefits of weightlifting, stick to lighter weights with higher number of repetitions.  The muscles of your body will work harder and you will enjoy a toned body and healthier respiratory and circulatory systems.

Aerobic Dancing

Men who love to dance can get a good aerobic exercise while enjoying themselves.  Put on your favorite dance music and boogie your way to health.

Dancing pumps up your heart and makes you breathe faster.  One hour of dancing will bring a healthy glow to your skin, burn calories, and improve your fitness level while you have fun.


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