Importance of Ab Exercise for Men – Abdominal Hold

Abdominal Hold

Abdominal Hold: When men exercise, one of their goals is to have rock-hard, six-pack abs.  Ab exercises for men help develop strong abdominal muscles and lay the foundation for great-looking abs.

But you must realize that ab exercises alone will not give you six-pack abs.  Exercise and a good nutritional program work together to help you get rid of belly flab and reveal the strong abdominal muscles underneath.

Abdominal Hold, Ab Exercise for Men: Can They Give You Six-Pack Abs?

Ab exercises for men are not only for looks.  They are also essential for the body.  People with weak abs are prone to lower back pain.  When you exercise your abs, you also work out your erector spinae.

This muscle system extends down the length of the back and allows you to straighten your back and rotate the torso to one side or the other.

Abdominal exercises for men can help prevent injuries.  Your fitness goal should not focus on aesthetics alone but should also consider the health benefits of these workouts.

Diet and Abs Exercise for Men

A fitness program must always consider the issue of diet.  Some people think that you can get 6-pack abs by constantly working out your abdomen.  Men who focus only on ab exercises are in for a big disappointment.

Your diet must be able to provide your energy requirements to perform your training exercises, but it must also be tailored to help you shed unwanted fat.

Health experts recommend 5 to 6 small meals per day rather one or two large meals.  This eating program ensures a more stable energy supply and helps maintain stable blood sugar levels.  It allows you to provide more nourishment for your body.

High Intensity Ab Exercises

If you want to develop rock-hard abs you have to perform high intensity ab exercises.  It’s a good thing men enjoy doing high intensity workouts.

Pumped up muscles and the burn they experience from an intense workout is very gratifying for men.

You’ll find some of the most effective abs exercises below:

Seated Ab Crunch

There are many variations of the crunch, and one of them is the seated ab crunch.  To begin this abs routine, sit on the edge of a bench.  Grab the edge of the bench and lean back slightly.

Extend your legs down and away while keeping your heels several inches off the floor.  Bend your knees and slowly raise your thighs toward your chest.

At the same time, lean the top of your body forward to meet your thighs.  Return to the starting position.  Perform 3 sets of this exercise with 12 repetitions.


This is a popular ab exercise for men.  It targets the lower abs and upper body.  To perform this exercise, lie flat on the floor and lift both legs together.  Lift your shoulder blades slightly off the floor.  Tighten your abs and raise your arms toward your shins.

Keep your lower back straight.  Now, lower your arms and legs to the starting position, making sure that your feet do not touch the floor.  Perform 3 sets of this ab exercise with 10 reps per set.

Crunch/Side-Bend Combo

This ab exercise for men works the upper abs and obliques.  Lie on the floor with knees bent.  Place your hands behind your ears. Curl up slightly so that your shoulder blades are off the floor.

Bend at the waist to your left and aim your left armpit toward your left hip.  Straighten your torso then repeat to the right.  Return to the starting position; this is one rep.  Perform 3 sets of 8 repetitions per set.


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